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Friday, October 7, 2011

How Family Getaway Helps Girls Find Their Bliss

I took this photo in Martinique on January 15, 2011.  I was struck by the pure abandon this little girl exhibited as she blissfully swung over the sea from a rope connected to a tree.  Inspired by this little girl, I wrote a post on® challenging readers to follow their bliss.
In May 2011, I entered my first Facebook photo contest put on by Luxury Link with my newly named Pure Bliss à la plage Martinique photo...and won.
In June 2011, I went to my first travel writing conference (TBEX) and met two representatives from both Luxury Link and its sister company Family Getaway after they heard me pitch The Passport Party Project at a session.  They made a promise to me at TBEX that they would support The Passport Party Project in some way.  Today, Family Getaway donated $250!
I'm thrilled, grateful, happy and more...because Family Getaway is helping me give girls a world view.  Family Getaway is helping them find their bliss.  Absolutely awesome.