Phase 2

Phase 1 was FANTASTIC! Shout out to

100 girls got their very first passports! #score

But now, we're going to scale down a bit and empower 10 girls at a time in an effort to make a more personal impact and ultimately create a replicable model. 

In Phase 2, The Passport Party Project will take its brand new show on the virtual road… #nextlevel

Instead of holding 6 hour global awareness parties in cities nationwide, an exciting 6-week online global awareness training program that teaches and encourages local and global responsible travel practices (and more) will start off Phase 2. [Special shout out to Eliza at Global Glimpse for providing curriculum resources.]
Phase 1 girls show off their first passports in Belize, Central America
(July 2013)
The 10 selected girls will each be paired with their own PPP Mentor from the global awareness training stage all the way through to the passport application and travel stage. PPP Mentors are committed volunteers, seasoned travelers and experienced travel writers that will dedicate a total of 14 months in their role  as virtual travel educators.

After the online training, and before the passport application process, the girls will research a global service project that serves the community in our ultimate travel destination: Toronto. The girls will also spend a day volunteering once we arrive, all in the name of traveling with heart.

A small graduation ceremony that introduces 10 new global citizens to the world will take place during our journey in the very global destination where each girl will get her very first passport stamp. Now how cool is that?!

The Passport Party Project aims to provide each girl with a first-time travel experience like no other. But the Passport Party Project relationship doesn't end with the journey. These new global citizens will become Passport Party Project alumnae and coached to share their travel stories as youth travel advocates in the communities in which they live.

Purchase a virtual airline ticket and join us on our journey, won't you? 



  1. Absolutely LOVE this, Tracey!! Congratulations and way to step it up. I can't wait to follow along!

  2. Sooooo excited for you and the future global citizens. Such an amazing opportunity and I can't WAIT to see how we all grow from the experience!

  3. This project is simply amazing, not only are you changing lives and helping these girls become global citizens but also helping them realize the importance of giving back! Looking forward to this wonderful initiative!

  4. So excited to see The Passport Party Project move into phase 2. I still think about the girls from Phase 1 and wonder what great globally-minded things they'll be doing in the next decade of their lives.

  5. This is the BEST! I like that each girl gets a trip. I love the PPP mentors! Great idea! And that they get to have input on their service project... I am enamored.

  6. I found out late in the game about the PPP. We.missed the deadline for phase 1. We will not miss applying for Phase2. #2ndchances

  7. What a great opportunity for these young ladies. I am looking forward to becoming more involved in your project!