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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Importance of a Passport

This blog post (written in April 2011 and updated today) is courtesy of Canadian travel blogger Alouise Dittrick of Traveler only takes one time.
Photo Source: Wiki
I  got my passport in 2005 to go to Seattle. At that time I didn’t need a passport, I could have driven across the border with my driver’s license. But getting a passport allowed me to feel like a traveller, and it got me into a traveller mindset. I began to slowly see that travel wasn’t some inaccessible act. Once I had my passport my mind could easily accept that travel was possible.
If I didn’t have a passport I wouldn’t have thought about going to New York twice or Europe, or going to Mexico. Since I have a passport I know I can travel to different places.  Read more here.