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Monday, August 15, 2011

Why Passports Matter

Tracey (great name! *giggle*) is a travel blogger with a heart that hails from Brooklyn. Not only does Tracey know why passports matter, but she has signed on to volunteer for The Passport Party Project when it makes its way to New York. Oh yeah...and she's got her own fundraiser going too. You just GOTTA love that. I know I do.
I don’t remember my first passport because I never laid hands on it. I was a carefree (ahem, scatterbrained) 9-year old and my mother made sure it steered clear of my possession lest it poof into thin air and I ended up an involuntary resident of some foreign country. I do, however, have a few memories of my first trip. It was a cruise to South America and I vividly remember an exhilarating rush of adrenaline during the emergency drill that took place as we set sail into the Atlantic. My sister was horrified but I was strangely excited by the possibility of us having to rappel down the side of the boat into a rescue raft. Awesome! It’ll be like the Titanic! Oh wait....
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