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Monday, January 23, 2012

Passport Party Project Update!

I started off my New Year with a three week trip.  I spent several days on Tortola, spent a week sailing in the British Virgin Islands with my husband, and then we hung out for a bit in Puerto Rico and Vieques Island.  It was fantastic.  Warm, slow and fantastic.
So as you can imagine, it's a bit of a challenge to get back into my regular day-to-day groove, but I'm doing it.  I've got things to do, places to go, people to see, passports to gift.  It's time to get this party started (both figuratively and literally). 
So here my first update of 2012.  I promise to share more when there's more to tell.  

1.  Austin Update.  The first Passport Party of 2012 is scheduled for March 3 in Austin, Texas.  Travel writer extraordinaire Shelley Seale is volunteering her time and was even able to secure a venue at The Miracle Foundation.  #sweet   The ten girls that will be getting their first passports are all students at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders.  Program Manager Melissa L. Sustaita has created a lunch group of the girls who will attend the The Austin Passport Party where they will hear from international travelers even before The Party takes place!  So far, she has scheduled talks about travel to Spain, Prague, Thailand, Guatemala, Greece, Lebanon, Africa and Italy.  The groups meet on Mondays and they are booked solid.  The group will even continue into April.  What a way to create global awareness.  #reallyimpressed

(L to R) Tracey & Evita
2.  New York Update.  Along with several other travel bloggers, Tracey Coleman of Brooklyn Travel Addict has agreed to volunteer for the New York Passport Party later this year.  On top of her generosity, she hosted a Jetsetter's Party in December to bring awareness to The Passport Party Project.  Isn't that the coolest?!?!?  Even Evita Robinson of Nomad.ness TV participated.  I'm so overwhelmed by the kindness of my fellow travelistas. 

3.  Miami Update.  The Miami Passport Party is going to take place the day after Hispanicize is over in April.  In fact, I'm doubly excited because I'm going to be a panelist on the travel panel!  Both Angela Sustaita-Ruiz and Cristy Clavijo-Kish of Hispanicize are on board as volunteers.  Cristy, along with her two partners, recently launched Los Tweens, a blog for parents and kids about growing up in a diverse world.  #rightupmyalley  This is going to be fantastic.

4.  Los Angeles Update.  Even though the Los Angeles Passport Party took place in September 2011, travel blogger April Thompson of Absolute Travel Addict continues to share the love.  She sent me a copy of an article she wrote in Broughton Hospitality's quarterly magazine and I am over the moon!  Another person doing something that she just doesn't have to do.  #solid  You can read April's article here.

5.  Orange County Update.  I had to change the date of the Orange County Passport Party from next month to early next year.  Lifestyle blogger Eva Smith of Latina Mom Bloggers and Tech.Food.Life is on board to volunteer.  I can't wait to collaborate with her to gift another 10 girls with passports.

So that's my Update of the Moment.  Exciting stuff.  I still have lots of cities to deal with, but the New Year is just getting started for me.

Now.  If I can just get off of Island Time...