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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Girls Have Arrived!

Early evening delivery
was a breeze
and quite painless.

Yesterday was a pretty big day in The Passport Party Project (PPP) house.  PPP founder and Executive Director Tracey Friley welcomed two new additions to the PPP family and she couldn't be happier!  (For those who have been inquiring, Friley is fine.  She is resting now, after an early evening delivery.)


And without further delay (we know everyone is anxious), it is with great joy that we announce The Girls (pictured here with Friley on delivery day).

Meet Casey (short for her given name Suitcase, pictured left)...and her more sizable twin sister Leta (pronounced Let-uh and short for her given name Maleta).  Aren't they adorable and bright??!?! 

And while they were delivered just yesterday, Leta (dressed so beautifully in neon yellow) is ready to hit the road today for her first trip to Los Angeles while Casey needs a little time to get acclimated to her new life and will be staying behind.

To stay up to date on Casey and Leta's travels as they advocate for passports and youth travel across the country and across the globe, please join Friley and The Girls on The PPP Facebook page so you can stay abreast of:  Where Are Those Girls?

Cupcakes for everyone!!!


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Casey & Leta are from Bags by eBags'