Thursday, March 22, 2012

Passport Photo of the Day

Meet Anita.
She's an advocate of The Passport Party Project and a long-time supporter of®. Her Facebook status (which I was tagged on and is copied below) made my day so I asked her to send in a photo to match the enthusiasm in her post. It's clear that The Passport Party Project doesn't just inspire teen girls, but adult girls too! ;-) This is just fantastic!
"Just got my shiny new passport and guess what I'm doing? Checking to see if there's space available to travel to Belize next weekend. Me thinks [The Passport Party Project] would be proud."

If you would like to be a part of The Passport Party Project family, we would ♥ to have you! In the spirit of the travel photo booth at each Passport Party, if you would like to get together with a bunch of your friends, with one friend, or even solo and then take a photo (with your passport, with a sign that says something relevant to this initiative, or the like), I would love to use it creatively during the campaign. Passport Party Project supporters are a very important part of this cause and to be able to show the girls involved that people like you support global awareness is tantamount to the success of this program. A photo release will be sent to you once your provide the photo. How does that sound?! Get creative! =D Email photo to


  1. Congrats! Anita go for it! Have a great time in Belize.


    Tracey Friley
    4 hours ago


    Wall Photos
    Passport Photo of the Day! Anita may be bound for Belize!

    By: The Passport Party Project.

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    Ana Lydia Monaco Please, please send me these updates for us to share on #llblog. We want to support you as much as possible :)
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    Tracey Friley ‎Ana: Thank you! You are free to tweet any time you like. Info can be found on http://​www.passportpartyproject.or​g/
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    Carol Alvarez Cain VERY COOL!
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    Shawn Spears Bailey What a lovely face
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    Janice Temple Congrats Anita!
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