Wednesday, September 12, 2012

About Shining

One of the nicest things about serving others is getting a few "Atta Girl"s every now and then.  It's akin to putting just a little more gas into a gas tank that isn't empty; it simply makes you feel that much more secure about the road ahead.
A few days ago, Pattie Cordova of Living Mi Vida Loca nominated me for a Yahoo! Women Who Shine award for my work with The Passport Party Project (the prize is $10,000) and it was a lovely surprise!  While I won't be campaigning for votes, I really do appreciate this very public Atta Girl and have been sharing it on my social media networks because I sincerely appreciate being acknowledged for what has become my legacy.  It's worth more than $10,000 any day of the week (although if you do the math, that equates to the fees for 95 (youth) passports. Hmmm.).
Anywho...  The Chicago Passport Party is in a few days and I've got work to do.  Thanks for the gas, folks.  It matters.  A lot. 


  1. LOL... love the curtsy. I was more than happy to nominate you. Your project is wonderful and you are inspiring. XO

  2. You are very much the compassionate and positive energy that inspires people to project
    the very same into the world. Happy Happy Birthday to you Ms Tracey Friley!