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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight: Darling Angela

Angela in Istanbul
February 2013
Photo Credit: 2 Girls & A Bikini

Angela Myers is absolutely darling.  She's caring, funny, and  consistently positive.  She volunteered at The Chicago Passport Party.  She's my kinda girl. 

Angela is also a traveler....and like many of us, she has this insatiable appetite for hopping a plane.  In fact, she just got back from Istanbul, Turkey and is gearing up to go to Abu Dhabi.  (And yes, I'm green with envy.)  You can call Angela's comings and goings whatever you like - wanderlust, dromomania, globetrotting -  but I call it wandermania.  #WandermaniacsUnite

Photo Credit: 2 Girls & A Bikini
On this past Passport Day in the USA, Angela was one of several travel bloggers nationwide that took the time to share their love of international travel by taking girls to get their very first passports.  Martice took girls in Philly; Arcynta took girls in DC; Ana and Kiratiana took girls in Chicago; Evelyn took girls in New York; and darling Angela took 3 girls in Detroit.  But I'll let Angela tell you Her Passport Party Project Story...because it is hers to tell.  You can check it out by clicking here.  Enjoy.

Darling Angela and her Detroit future-traveler crew showing a world of thanks to The Passport Party Project.