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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Meet Jazmyne: Lead Teen Travel Ambassador

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[As of 31 May 2015]

This is Jazmyne. She's graduating from high school today. 🎓

When Jazmyne was 12, she went with me to St. John in the US Virgin Islands for CampCaribe, my former travel adventure camp for tween girls. 

And because you don't need a #passport to enter the #usvirginislands, Jazmyne got her first passport during Phase 1 of The #PassportPartyProject & ultimately won a spot (on her own merits) on the trip to #Belize#CentralAmerica where she got her first passport stamp. 

In fact, she was photographed with me for a @natgeotravel magazine story about The PPP shortly after we got back. 

Last summer, Jazmyne was one of four teen girls on my private teen adventure to #Paris and in July, she will go to #Toronto #Canada for Phase 2 of The PPP as a Lead Teen #Travel Ambassador where she will work for me & serve as an example to the other girls. 

I think she's earned it, don't you? 

Cheers to Jazmyne on this special day, and cheers to the #powerofthepassport#travelrocks