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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Parties with a Purpose

This blog post is courtesy of Passport Party Project supporter, professional journalist and personal blogger Monica of Black Broad AbroadOne woman's journey.  Come along for the ride.  (The name of Monica's blog always makes me giggle.  Clever.)
Photo courtesy of Monica, Black Broad Abroad
It was just a small gesture but one that had an impact: When I first moved to Boston from my hometown of Detroit, three new girlfriends suggested I get a passport.
"Just in case," said one. "You never know when you might need it."
It was advice that paid off. Several months later, I attended my brother's wedding in Rome. Not long after, I was going to Paris ALONE! Although I had traveled to much of the United States and had worked in several states as a journalist, I'd never had a passport. Where I was from, I didn't know anyone who was traveling traveled abroad. What I quickly discovered was that I was one of few of my colleagues who didn't. Looking back, was I the only?
In the several years since that time, I've traveled to 30 or so countries....  Read more here.