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Friday, September 9, 2011

Destination: Passport

From  "Unable to shake the nagging desire to travel and live life to the fullest, Angela Petitt took a step of faith and quit her corporate IT job in August 2009 to go on sabbatical. 
When she made the decision, Ms. Petitt really had no clue what was next. But, a few days after her last day at work, she was on a plane to Italy! From that point on, she found herself on a different adventure every month!"
Angela has been on sabbatical for 2 years now and blogs at SabbaticalScapes.  She is an advocate of The Passport Party Project and has lots to share about her own adventures and of course...her passport:
"I have climbed the Great Wall in China, narrowly escaped the earthquake in Japan, watched beautiful sunsets over the Grand Cayman islands, snorkeled near the Twin Peaks in St. Lucia, been surprised with flowers from an admirer in Italy, cruised the Alaska’s Inside Passage to beautiful British Colombia.  I have also traveled to Egypt, Israel, Honduras, Austria, Greece, Colombia, Nicaragua, Germany, Panama, France, Switzerland, and many other amazing destinations.  All because I took a step of faith, got my passport, and stepped out."  Read more here