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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Freedom & Fearlessness - My Passport Story

As a travel & learning adventure camp owner, I meet a lot of parents that operate from fear and a lack of trust and often (and inadvertently) get in the way of their children's growth.  Shenia's parents managed to find a way to get past their own fear when Shenia decided to go to a study abroad program to Spain while in college.  Naturally, Shenia needed a passport.  ~ Tracey

"My study-abroad trip served as one of the defining experiences in my life. I went across the world, not knowing a soul. And, the roommate that I met in Spain became one of my dearest friends.  I was not fluent in the language, but I managed to travel around the city and throughout country with minimal issues. The courage (and, admittedly, cockiness) that it took to do just that left me feeling incredibly empowered. I was more brave and capable than I ever realized. I really could live out my dreams."  Read more here.