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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Girls See The World

This blog post is courtesy of Ann, an Ivy-league mom-MD passionate about travel, wine and the best in beach & water vacations so it only makes sense that her blog would be called Water Wine Travel™ - Seeking The Best In Leisure, Wine and Travel.  =D
When I was growing up in Brooklyn, every summer my classmates would head down South to see their relatives. They would eagerly ask me if I was going down South too. Well not exactly. I was traveling in a southern direction, but not to Georgia or South Carolina. I was going to the Caribbean. My grandmothers lived in Carriacou, Grenada...a teeny tiny island with a population of 5,000. ... Traveling as a girl gave me an appreciation for another culture and made me grateful for the life my immigrant parents had built for me. I began to think of myself as a global citizen.  Read more here.