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Monday, June 17, 2013

And The Winners Are....

First things first: Judging the Passport to Belize contest was hard.  The judges and I wanted everyone who entered to win. We're travelers, so we love the idea of giving the gift of travel to everyone.  For us, it is like giving a part of ourselves.  If we could put the world in a box and give it to all of the girls, we would. 

And yet, it wouldn't be a contest if there weren't people who won and people who lost, right? It's one of those disappointing life lessons, but definitely not the end of the world.  So April, Shelley, Ana, Expedia and I would like to say a special Thank You to all of the girls that put their hearts into entering The Passport Party Project's Passport to Belize contest. We believe that your shiny new little blue travel booklet is merely the beginning of your journey to global citizenship.

* * *

And the winners are...

Please join me in congratulating the winners of The Passport Party Project's Passport to Belize contest! 

These six lucky young ladies will travel to Belize, Central America the week of July 22, 2013 to get their very first passport stamps. They will also win a set of luggage from The eBags Brand, a custom map necklace from Paper and Place, a super cute passport cover from Tepper Jackson, and an Around the World board game, all as a result of their involvement in Phase 1 of The Passport Party Project sponsored by It is my genuine pleasure to escort them and their loved ones to Central America and to be a part of their journey to global citizenship.  Let me introduce you....

Jazmyne, 15 years old
Oakland, California
Virtual Passport Party Project participant
Jazmyne will be accompanied by her mother Chamaine

Honorable Mention

Excerpt from Jazmyne's essay:
What Global Citizenship Means To Me
How many people can a person meet in their lifetime? I want to be given the opportunity to find out.
There are over 7 billion people in the world. Global citizenship is not just about being 1 of 7 billion people; it is a way of thinking and becoming part of this vast sea of humanity. In my lifetime I want to understand the world, not only by travel, but also by fully embracing and experiencing the different cultures the world has to offer.
I believe the first step to becoming a global citizen is...empathy.  

Daizia, age 12
Austin, Texas
Austin Passport Party Project participant
Daizia will be accompanied by her mother Juilia

Soleil, age 11
Chicago, Illinois
Virtual Passport Party Project participant
Soleil will be accompanied by her aunt Laura

Shannon, age 14
Westland, Michigan
Virtual Passport Party Project participant
Shannon will be accompanied by her mother Trea 

Lyanna, age 11
New York, New York
Virtual Passport Party Project participant
Lyanna will be accompanied by her father Luis

Viviana, age 13
Austin, Texas
Austin Passport Party Project participant
Viviana will be accompanied by her mother Flora


Some of the activities that we will participate in during our six-night stay at Ramon's Village include visiting the 16th century BC Lamanai Mayan ruins, cave tubing, visiting the Belize Zoo, sailing, snorkeling, and a day of volunteering at Liberty Children's Homean orphanage that cares for abused, neglected and abandoned children in Belize, as these newly minted international travelers embark on their journey to global citizenship.  The girls will also be tasked with fundraising $100 each so that we can take a heartfelt donation to this wonderful orphanage. 


Bon Voyage Messages to the Girls...






Whelp. They're on their way. Cheers to that. ;-)