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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Do Something

As much as I don't like the newsletters that show up in my Twitter Mentions feed every few days, every other one I get garners a quick peek.  This morning, I took a peek at my social media friend Chantilly's The Multicultural Families Daily I'm glad I did.

Chantilly shared The #UnselfishSelfies Project from VH1's Do Something Awards and it didn't take me long to start tagging photos on Instagram.

In a nutshell, VH1 is asking that we all post an #UnselfishSelfie in order to raise money for charity.  For every photo, they're donating $1.  So far, I have tagged 30 photos of Passport Party Project advocates on Instagram holding up their passports with the #UnselfishSelfie hashtag because those that supported the #GProject contest (we're a finalist!) were being unselfish indeed.  And then I logged on to Twitter and told VH1 what I did. =)
@VH1 Hecka #UnselfishSelfie tags on @instagram from #PassportPartyProject advocates encouraging teen travel & global citizenship! #DSAWARDS

Unfortunately, every "passport photo of support" that I collected did not get uploaded to my Instagram account, so if you don't see your photo under the #DSAWARDS hashtag on Instagram, please either re-take or take an #UnselfishSelfie holding your passport, upload it to Instagram, and tag it with #UnselfishSelfie #DSAWARDS and a note that says "I support teens with passports & global citizenship via The #PassportPartyProject," and maybe your photo will be selected to be shown on the VH1 Do Something Awards airing on July 31.  At a minimum, we will have raised some money for charity, and that sounds hecka good to me. =)

You in?

P.S. Get your passport-carrying teens in on the fun too!